Room 104 News

Week of September 19

Important Dates


September 20: Music Class with Mr. Newton

September 22: Fire Drill and Makerspace/Library

September 23: PTA Bowling Night

September 27: Music with Mr. Newton

September 29 Makerspace/Library today

September 30: Royal High Football Night for MViT

Learning Targets

Kinder: Our kinder friends will finish off previewing the letters of the alphabet this week so we will be ready to start full force next week with the letter S and Sammy Seal. We will continue to work on writing and forming our letters starting at the top. Color of the month is Red!

First: Our first grade friends will work on the short i sound and CVC words. We will read stories in our Anthology and phonics readers to practice the short i sound. We will all continue to work on our Orange Rainbow words. In math we will be starting Chapter 2 with Mrs. Fowler's class.

We celebrated Dot Day! See pictures below!