Flying Pigs

By: Kayleigh Schmidt

Facts about Me!

Hi I am Penelope the pig! I am looking for love. I love rolling around in mud oinking at other animals. I have hair and I give live birth. I am very loving and "warm blooded". I have four legs, and I am a beautiful pink color. Not to brag or anything but I am the hottest one out of all of my brothers and sisters. ;)

My Ideal Match

My ideal match is aves. I am very interested in hot actually chicks. I like lots and lots of feathers. Since i give live birth ideally i would want someone who lays hard-shelled eggs. I also would love someone with a good set of wings because i am a firm believer in flying pigs. I would absolutely love someone with two legs and a beak as well. The final thing that i am looking for is bright colors! If you wanna be my perfect match contact me at,