Help stop the problem

Do let abuse go into use

How can you tell if a student is abused at home?

1. Unexplained injuries.

2. Changes in behavior.

3. Problems with listening

4. Fear of going home.

5. Changes in eating.

6. Sleeping in class.

7. Changes in school performance and attendance.

8. Lack of personal care or hygiene.

9. Risk-taking behaviors.

Here are some images of what abuse does to kids

Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United states

Statistics say ( in years )

1 or younger 47%

1-3 31%

4-7 11%

8-11 3.6%

12-15 3.8%

16-17 1.8%

What to do and not to do

1st Talk to the child, if he studders or is looking down, maybe he isn't looking you in the eyes . You will know that he is being abused, or she.

2nd Do not call the parents, they could be the ones doing it, and if they go home that day you may see them the next day with another wound.

3rd and most of all, do call social services or the nearest police station.

Some Statistics


Physical abuse16.6%

Sexual abuse9.3%

Emotional/psychological abuse7.1%

Medical neglect2.0%