About Christina!!!

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About Christina

Christina has a brother named Jacob. She has a mom and dad named Aaron and Gina. And lastly she has a miniature labradoodle named Romeo. Her hobbies are playing softball, volleyball, and basketball. Her favorite subject in school are reading. Her after school activities include eLeaders, band, and the Oakhill basketball team.

More About Christina

  • Her favorite color is green-blue
  • Her favorite animals are dogs and turtles
  • She has hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair
  • She plays the clarinet and is taking gutair lessons
  • Her favorite band is One Direction
  • Her favorite song is The A Team
  • She has a website for an event for Girl Scouts

Christina's Softball Info

During the tournament Christina had to choose to play with either the Rubber Duckies (personally she liked them better) or the penguins. She choose the Rubber Duckies and they ended up winning the championship. They celebrated by having a silly string war on the field right after the game. (She thought it was funny when she saw the other team giving them dirty looks!) She said the best part was that this team had beat them 3 times and they were undefeated(not anymore)!!!


You can friend me on facebook if you want . I hope you learned a little bit about me!!! For additional information like my email, phone number, and website, scroll down

~Christina Muller~

The A Team - Lyrics