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What a Week in the ALC!

We have been doing some GREAT things in the Learning Commons this week! Here are some highlights:

Mrs. Morris' fourth grade class did a review of Beginning, Middle and End along with a review of a story elements. The kids enjoyed the books so much and had very thoughtful responses to Chris Van Alsburg's Jumanji and The Sweetest Fig--2 of my favorites!

Mrs. Lewis' third grade class began their animal research project and did such a great job! We researched 1 animal (a pig) using a video, PebbleGo and print informational texts. The students learned a LOT of facts about pigs--the most fun one was that pigs are so smart, they can be taught to play video games!

Ms. Myers' fifth grade class came in to create websites on Weebly for Science and SS topics throughout the year. What a cool idea! The kids were very excited to get the freedom and flexibility to name their site, choose their theme and be creative. I loved the idea and just provided technology and support.

Ms. Ellingson's second grade class came for a story share to talk about Main Idea. I was so happy to reinforce this with her students--they were so thoughtful! We used 2 stories from Leo Lionni that I loved: A Color of His Own and Frederick. One of the students presented her idea of the main idea as, "my thinker thinks that the story is mainly about...." So much fun!

I love working with the classes that come to the Learning Commons! The kids are excited about their learning here and that is always the goal :)

ALC Schedule Next Week

Next Week: Some interesting things scheduled are:

  • Fifth Grade is beginning their Career Projects by doing a career assessment
  • American Hero Project on Chatterpix with Mrs. Blakeney's third grade
  • Extension Reading Group for Ms. Kimbrough, Ms. McRorie, Ms. Morris and Ms. Vartenisian
  • Research with Ms. Matthew's second grade on animals

The schedule for next week is below:

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