Big Brother/Sister

Join the Family Club

The Family Club is a good way for young teens to have a person or place to turn to when they feel unwanted by upperclassmen or family. This group pertains 8th grade to sophomore students to choose a junior or senior to be their brother or sister for the school year to help them throughout the year with whatever they needed.

Sunday to Saturday

Upperclassmen will: help students with homework, be the person they are able to talk to, supply comfort for high school, and whatever else they may need, even if its just a friend or someone to walk with in the halls.

Guaranteed to see a change in student!!!

More Information

Opposite genders are allowed to be family, but most of the time, they choose the same gender. It's not a very popular program, but once you join, you get to have a lot of fun bonding time as well as learning time too. It's not always going to be during school hours; students can contact each other whenever they are able to or are in need of help or wanting to get away from home.