LEAD Poisoning In Flint Michigan

By: Veronica D'Amico

What Actually Happened

Local officials made the decision to switch the city’s water supply in 2014 from its longtime source supplied by the city of Detroit, which contained corrosion-control chemicals, to the Flint River, which did not contain those chemicals. It was billed as a cost-saving measure for a city facing financial distress. But the Flint River water corroded the city’s pipes and leached poisonous metals into the city’s water supply, including lead, which is particularly dangerous if consumed by children or pregnant women. Some of the water tested so high for lead contamination that it was more than twice the amount at which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies water as hazardous waste.The residents of Flint consumed this poisonous water, knowing that something was wrong because of its changing colors and smells, but mostly unaware of just how dangerous it was.

Governor Rick Snyder

“It’s clearly a neg­at­ive on what we’ve ac­com­plished since I’ve been gov­ernor” He said knew last sum­mer about his top aide’s con­cerns that Flint res­id­ents were "getting blown off" by the Michigan’s De­part­ment of En­vir­on­ment­al Qual­ity. Rick says he wants to solve it and not walk away from the problem. MD­EQ’s dir­ect­or and chief spokes­man were forced to reign.

Brad Wurfel

Brad Wurfel is Michigan Department of Environmental Quality spokesperson and has decided to resign. Wurfe and his wife have a 3-year-old son and that he has spent a lot of time in Flint over the past few months."They didn’t feel like we cared. I care a lot. It’s been on the front on my mind for months now." he said


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