Friday Review

Friday, February 17, 2017

What's New?


* The Book Fair starts on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd and continues through Friday, March 3rd. ELA teachers may sign up to bring their classes to preview items if they wish to…..but purchases must be made during lunch. ELA teachers may send FIVE students at a time during lunch, exclusively. They should show you the money they intend to spend and they should come back to you with items they purchased, along with a receipt. Do not allow students to come to the Media Center to look at Book Fair merchandise, unattended. They should only preview in a class setting, with their teacher present for added security.

* Homeroom teachers—please take some Spartan time to have your kids watch the Book Fair commercials that are on the website. Thanks for your support!

* If you have a substitute and need for them to login to a laptop so they can show students, feel free to provide the sub login for them so you don’t have to give them yours. It is:



Curriculum Corner

Lesson Plans are due weekly to your Canvas C&I Account. Please make sure they are uploaded by Monday mornings. ALSO, I made it around to most of your rooms (6-8) with a sheet protector and some stick ups. It should be located somewhere around your door, it may even be behind it. These are for copies of your lesson plans and GLS documents so C&I or admin won't have to rummage through your desks for them. If you need one or need more stickups let me know and I can provide them for you.

*There is an 8th grade common assessment scheduled for Wednesday*

Required Workday Information:

ALL Teachers will report to Scotland High School @ 8am

There will be a keynote speaker

Lunch will be "Grab-N-Go" and then we will report back to Spring Hill for afternoon session. As we receive more detailed information I will share with you in your PLCs this week.

General Reminders

  • The cheerleaders will be having a Spirit Night fundraiser on Tuesday, February, 21 at Domino's, in order to help with competition fees. The girls will get credit for any call-in order throughout the day, as long as the caller mentions that they are calling to help Spring Hill. Also, the cheerleaders will be on-site, at Domino's from 6:00 - 8:00 taking donations. Thanks for all your help.
  • Students are only to be sent to Ms. Laws when notified by the teacher. Do not send students to Ms. Laws without ensuring she is in her office. Students are often caught wondering around when she is out of the office. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A PASS TO BE IN THE HALLWAYS. Teachers, we need your assistance in enforcing this!
  • Teachers: Do not allow students to go back to the cafeteria in the morning for breakfast. Students should go straight to breakfast when they get to school, not dropping off belongings in homeroom and then going to breakfast. We need everyone's help in making sure this happens.
  • Barnes & Noble: My Favorite Teacher Contest: (Middle and High school students can participate) Students write an essay, poem. Or thank-you letter (50 words or less, in English on 8.5” x 11” white paper) sharing how a teacher has influenced their life and why they appreciate and admire them. Each entry should be submitted with the entry form and a parent or legal guardian must sign the entry form acknowledging that they have read the Official Contest Rules. Participating schools will collect the essays and provide them to their local Barnes & noble store representative my March 1, 2017. Mrs. Jamilia Williams will coordinate the collection of the essays. The students can win up to 500 and a NOOK device and the teachers can win up to 5000! Completed essays with entry forms need to be placed in her box. Note: Every Student assigned to ISS through the end of February will participate in this contest.

This Week

Monday, February 20- Administrative PLC 9:00 am; GEAR UP support on campus; CTE PLC 12:00pm

Tuesday, February 21- 7th Grade House Meeting (7th Grade Level MTSS Meeting); Elective Team Meeting 1:00; Domino's Spirt Night Cheerleader Fundrasier

Wednesday, February 22- P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; ELA/SS Content Level Planning; Battle of the Books Skype Competition 1:30pm; BT & New to SHMS Mid Year Review Meeting 3:45pm

Thursday, February 23- Black History Month Program (morning assembly); Math/Science Content Level Planning; Black History Month Staff Potluck Luncheon; Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:00-6:00 (1/2 Day for Students);

National Digital Learning Day

Friday, February 24- Professional Development Required Teacher Workday

New Teacher Mid Year Review

We met in the beginning of the school year to introduce everyone that is new to Spring Hill. If you were a part of this "New Teacher" training, we are meeting again briefly this Wednesday after school @ 3:45 in the Media Center for a Mid Year Review. We will do some reflection activities, share strategies, and welcome our newest member of the Spartan Family, Mr. Andrew Wedlock.

Looking Ahead

Monday, February 27- Administrative PLC 9:00 am; GEAR UP support on campus; CTE PLC 12:00pm

Tuesday, February 28-7th Grade House Meeting; Elective Team Meeting 1:00

Wednesday, March 1- P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; ELA/SS Content Level Planning

Thursday, March 2- Math/Science Content Level Planning

Friday, March 3- 6th & 8th Grade House Meetings