Human Greed in Avatar

Money is worth more than Life

The Cause

The whole reason that the human's have come to Pandora in the year 2154 is for unobtainium, an abundant superconductor that is found underground. The humans have created massive mines to gather the unobtainium. However, the amount being gathered is not enough to fulfill human greed. There is a massive amount of unobtainium underneath Home Tree. In fact, the largest depot of unobtainium within "200 clicks". The greed is clear when Colonel Miles Quaritch says that "When people have s**t that you want, you make them your enemy". This shows their lust for unobtainium and how they will go through anyone to get it.

The Deed

The humans destroy Home Tree to get at the unobtainium, and in the process destroying the home of the whole Na'vi tribe. This shows how heartless and ruthless the humans are in order to get their hands on the unobtainium and the money. The humans are also extremely casual about destroying hundreds of Na'vi families' home. This is shown when the Colonel says "Good job men, first rounds on me tonight. Let's boogie." in an extremely casual manner. This tell us that the Colonel must have no morals because he is seemingly unaffected by the tragedy he has just caused the Na'vi.

Destruction of Home Tree

Tuesday, Aug. 20th 2154 at 5:30pm

Home Tree, Pandora

Home Tree is to be destroyed by the humans so they can fulfill their greed for unobtainium. They must destroy the home of hundreds of families, and kill hundreds of innocent Na'vi, for the money.

Bear Bile farms

Bear Bile farms are where bears are kept in a tiny cage, unable to move, and the bile in their gall bladder is extracted each day. The process gives no thought to the welfare of the bears, the same as the humans when they destroy Home Tree. The bile can be sold for $24,000 per kilo, which isn't the same as half a million but the result of selling the product can produce a lot of money, like selling unobtainium on Earth.the people running the farms have no concern for the treatment of the bears, as the Colonel has no concern for treatment of the Na'vi. When the humans drive the Na'vi out with gas, the Colonel told Parker that "it will be humane. Mostly.". But by the way the Na'vi were coughing and choking and collapsing, it was obviously not humane. It was about as humane as the bear bile farms.

By Carrick Corson 10EN