Launching two new games

Get two brand new games for free right now!

Tree Chop

Short, Simple, Super! Tree Chop is a brand new game, its really easy; All you have to do is cut down all the trees on the land simply by bumping into them. Once the trees are clear, a star will appear- Find the star, and win the game! Play now.

Take an adventure into the second game


It's all in the name, can you escape from the land of mountains, grass and water? You need to collect all the coins until you can collect the blue star that will transport you into yet another world. There you will met with three other components and you will have to race them to the star at the end of the land. (You can shoot them, by pressing ctrl)

Download them now on your PC, IPod, Phone or Xbox for free!

Launching two Brand new games

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 11am

This is an online event.

Two free games for you to download on your PC, IPod, phone and Xbox for free, Tree Chop and Can you Escape?