Religion of the Bhudda

General information

While many religions are either polytheistic or monotheistic, Buddhism is one of the few religions who can claim to be NON-theistic.

Only 7 to 8% of the worlds population identifies as Buddhist

Based on teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, a man who reached enlightenment through meditation one day

Dalai Lama believed to be reincarnation of Buddha and is therefore the holiest person in their religion

Buddhism is mainly found today in select parts of southeast asia and Nepal

NIrvana (Not the grunge band)

The ultimate goal is to be enlightened while meditating and reach nirvana

Nirvana is a state of bliss brought on by the relinquishment of all earthly distractions and evils

Religious symbols

Buddha achieved enlightenment at 35 years old

Importance today

The importance of buddhism today is that it is the only major religion (technically non-theistic religions are only philosophies) that seeks introspection and it preaches that only YOU, the individual can achieve enlightenment through the practices of mediation and the 8 pathways