Web-Design Social!

Gathering of the Tech-Savvy Girls

Summertime Social PD

It's summer but we know that we still want to be as prepared as possible for a new exciting school year! :-) Let's get together and discuss the creation of a teacher website. You can create a class website, a professional portfolio website, or whatever other venture you have and showcase your talents on the world wide web!

Web-Design Social

Thursday, July 31st, 3:30pm

1112 University Terrace

Linden, NJ

Take rt. 1-9 South and make a right on Stiles Street.

Make a right on St. Georges Ave (rt 27)

Make a left on University Terrace.

The Rundown

Late Lunch

Healthy Snacks

Frozen Drinks

Web-Design Collaboration

Menu (revealed upon arrival)