New Tech User Manual

How They Work

Cotton Gin

1st- The seeds and fibers of cottons balls go into the gin

2nd- The handle gets turned and the cylinder and brushed rotate around

3rd- Wire teeth pull cotton through wire and all the seeds that are too large fall to the bottom

4th- The rotating brushes clean out the extra fibers

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Seed Drill

There were handles at the top of the seed drill for you to push it around with and at the bottom there was a little seed box that would open and close as you went along. There is a "marker" on the bottoms that gets the next row ready for seeds. There is also a wheel at the bottom of the drill that gets the seed further into the ground and covers it back up with dirt.
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Morse Code

Telegraphers would turn the different clicking noises into dots and dashes and they would write them down. They used this in radio communication the dots and dashes translated into short and long pulses
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