Block 3

From the Porfiriato to the Mexican Revolution

Foreign influence in fashion and sport.

Some of the communities established support some of their:

  • customs
  • fashion
  • technical
  • business
  • culinary expertise
  • religious beliefs
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Mexican elite quickly adopted forms of amusement from other places.

Some of the ideas from the Americans and English were the clubs, casinos, and social activity centers such as sports and cultural places. The French influence was also notary in everyday life of Mexican society of the time as the cafes, restaurants, literature, fashion, entertainment and some features like the opera, ballet, dance and concerts.
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The Life in the haciendas.

The haciendas were large properties in which they do products such as sugar cane, tabacco, henequen, cereals, and cotton and they also do drinks such as mezcal and pulque.

The company store, very important in the hacienda, was where the basic things were sold like soap, corn, beans, and others.

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