The Skeletal System

By Andre

Does your skeletal system only consist of bones?

The skeletal system consist of cartillages, bones, ligaments and tissues.

What are the three main functions of the skeleton?


Your skeleton provides a structure to hold your skin and tissue upright and without it you would be a blob of jelly like tissues. If you did not have a skeleton your organs and muscles would have nothing to attach to or supprt them.


The bones protect your organs like the rib cage or the skull. The skull protects your brain. Your rib cage protects the organs and they are important parts. It even protects the lungs and heart.


Your bones move and bend at the hinge joints of your hips and shoulder. They move at the ball and the socket joints. The neck and wrist turn side to side and move by the pivet joints.

How many bones are there in the adults body?

There are 206 bones in an adults body because your bones meet together when you get older.

How many bones in the spine?

There are 33 bones in your spine known as vertebrae.

What are the scientific names for the bones in your feet and hands?

Carpals are hand bones and the scientific name for the feet are called tarsals.
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