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Community Garden Emerges

A growing community garden in a Cleveland neighborhood is bringing residents together. Strangers have become neighbors and friends, and it's all thanks to the little girl who wanted to remember her father. This garden went from a dump, to a beautiful field of flowers and plants.

"I started planting Lima beans to try to get closer with my father" said the young girl who started the garden, Kim. After Kim started her mini garden, a few others started planting things, and soon made a garden of their own.

This beautiful garden was once a vacant lot filled with trash. One day, a few weeks ago, the prisoners were cleaning it up, and a handful of people were planting gardens. Later, many other people were starting some. What made the government decide to clean it up? We talked to the little girl who made this all possible. " When I walked by the vacant lot on my way back from school, I thought that it should get cleaned up. When I found out that the government wouldn't, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went down to city hall with a bag full of trash, and when they smelled it, they said they would clean it up" said Leona.

The garden is like one big family or neighborhood. Everyone there is friends. People with different cultures and religions who used to be divided, have now come together. " The garden has helped me overcome my fear of people " said a woman named Sae Young. People who didn't know each other before, are now like family.

This garden has gone from nothing, to beautiful. Stranger, to family. The community garden is an amazing addition to our town.

Advice letters

Dear Lonnie,

Dear Lonnie,

My father passed away in a car accident. I really miss him, and it hasn't been the same without him here. I've been feeling very sad and depressed lately. His death has really affected everyone in my family. Even my dog has been acting weird. The accident was two months ago, but it feels like just yesterday that we were saying goodbye to him as he was getting in the car to go to the grocery store. Not a day goes by without me thinking about him. I've never felt this way before. I really, really miss him. I could use some tips to help me get over this.

-Sad and Depressed

Dear Sad and Depressed,

I know exactly how you feel. My parents passed away in a fire. They were on the top floor of the building, so they didn't have time to get out. Both of my parents are gone. You only lost your father, but I know it still hurts just as much. My parents died years ago, and I'm still grieving their death. I'm warning you though, life will not go back to normal. At least not right away, that is. It's the worst in the beginning, but things will get better. Try not to think of the sadness of his death, but of but of the good, happy memories you have with him.


Shady's Sunday Night Church Service



Your invited to Shady's Sunday night church service. It starts at 6:00 p.m., and ends at 8:00 p.m. on July 11. We will read the bible and pray. This service will take place at Shady's house, 1234, at the end of the dirt road.Hope you can make it!