by David Presley

Countrey basics

This is the flag of Turkmenistan --------->

The capitol of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat.

The flag of Turkmenistan was officially adopted on February 19, 1997. The flag feature a white crescent (symbol of Islam) and five stars; those stars represet the five regions of the country. Placed upon a green field is a symbolic representation of the country's famous carpet industry.


The location: Turkmenistan is located in Asia and is surrounded by Kazakhstan, Afganistan, and Uzbekistan.

Turkmenistan's major landform is, flat Garagum (or Kara Kum) Desert, a sandy, scrubby, arid expanse of land, with very little agricultural potential.

Turkmenistan's major landforms are, the Neutrality monument, the Gonur Tepe, and the Turkman carpet museum.

Turkmenistan's major bodies of water are: The Caspian sea, The Golden Age lake, The Hanhhowuz Reservoir, and The Saryaamysh lake.

Turkmenistan's people are not farmers due to lack of water but are more nomadic historically due to the terrain.


Turkmenistan has a democracy and a presidential republic type of government.

The leader of Turkmenistan is Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow.

Turkmenistan's leaders are chosen by vote.

The people of Turkmenistan are afforded equal rights by their constitution. They also are given state rights such as housing and voting.


Turkmenistan is a poor country but has vast resources.

The money Turkmenistan's use are called Turkmenistan Manat.

Turkmenistan's main imports are special purpose ships, iron bars, and iron pipes. Turkmenistan's main exports are oil, gas, and cotton.

Turkmenistan's life expectancy is up to 65.31 years.

Turkmenistan's birth rate is 19.46 births a year.

Turkmenistan's water source is the Amudarya flowing from the Pamir.


Turkmenistan traditional clothing is telpek hats, and red robes over white t-shirts.

Turkmenistan people speak Turkmen or Torkoman.

Traditional Turkmen music include traveling singers and shamans called bakshy.

Turkmenistan holidays are: New year, Memorial day, Turkmenbashi birthday, National flag day, International Women's Day, Novruz-Bayram (Turkmen New Year), Victory Day, Constitution Day.

The Turkmen of Turkmenistan, like their neighbors in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Iran are Muslim.

A very common dish Turkmen eat is meat, and vegetable soup.


Turkmenistan is one of the hottest and driest places n the world! mainly because most of the time its up to 90 to 110 degrees every day.

Turkmenistan rains up to an average of 225 millimeters each year

Turkmenistan average yearly temperature goes as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Due to the climate conditions agriculture is not a part of their economy and their livelihood.


In 1948 over 100,000 Turkmen are killed when a earthquake devastates Ashgabat.

In 1997 Turkmenistan legalizes private ownership of land.

Compare and Contrast

Common Turkmenistan meals include bread, melons, and meat, but Americans commonly eat breads, cheese, desserts, meat, sausage, and sandwiches. Our meals are different than the Turkmen but we both commonly eat bread and some american's eat melons and we both eat meat.

89% of Turkmenistan are Muslim and 90% Americans are some form of Christian. We are different but we all worship a god(s).

Turkmen folk song: "Seypelmenek"