Arbor Springs Elementary School

It's a New Year! Welcome Back! February 2016

Our Mission: Arbor Springs Committed to Student Success.

Our Vision: We ensure the success of each student by providing high-level, engaging work for all learners and leaders to meet the needs of all stakeholders.l

From Dr. D. and Dr. T.

Dear Parents,

Our PBIS is going very well! If you missed it, please check out our website to see a description of the system and how we are working to reward students for being respectful, responsible, ready, and happy in their school environment. To date, we have had two drawings of our Gator Cards that were given out for meeting behavior expectations in the hallway, classroom, and cafeteria. The 8 students whose cards were drawn each chose a friend and enjoyed lunch at a special table in the cafeteria, with some little treats for them, as well. They seemed to really enjoy it! This Friday, we are having our first school-wide celebration for ALL students, since all students have been working on improving behavior and decreasing discipline referrals. We are still ironing out the details but will have a great time celebration our hard work!

This week, our county is being evaluated for accreditation by AdvancED. As a county, we have been working toward the goal of renewing our district-wide accreditation for the past year. A team of evaluators is interviewing parent and educator groups and will visit approximately half of our schools. We are excited about this process and the attention it has enabled us to place on our own practices as educators. We are confident that we will receive a great review!

Also, congratulations to our Tech Fair participants! Visit our Twitter Feed @ASESGators for all the details! Participants are pictured below and were also featured in the Times-Herald.

Please let us know if we can help with anything, at any time. We can be reached at 770-463-5903.

Dr. Julie Durrance, principal

Dr. Page Tarleton, assistant principal

PTA and Box Tops Corner

Thank you to our families for your support of Dickey’s spirit night! Next up: Come out for a fun evening of unlimited skating, laser tag and playground at Starlite on Thursday, Feb. 11 from 4-8 pm. PTA will pre-sell tickets again because you get $1 discount and ASE earns twice as much when we do (even if you pay at the door). Order forms were sent home – buy ahead up to the day of the event (PTA will be at school all day). Also, keep sending in Box Tops, Labels for Education and Sunny D UPCs! Our new Star Wars BoxTops contest goes through March 18! The Top Class on each hall will receive a Star Wars cupcake party! Congrats to Mrs. Dumm’s class and Mrs. Lanier’s class who were the PJ Day winners from the last Box Tops contest!

Nurse Notes

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday! We are rocking and rolling through 2016. I can’t believe that February is here already. As always our first priority is our students – whether it is education or health or whatever – so due to that we are making changes in our Bake Sale protocols. A lot of schools do not have bake sales any more due to food allergies – we do not want to do that – our students look forward to bake sales, so we are trying to keep our goodies and make them safer for all students.

Please read carefully!!!

  1. All bake sale items must be NUT FREE !! No peanut butter cookies, no Little Debbie Nutter Butter Bars, no brownies with nuts, etc.. No nut products. This includes tree nuts as well – almonds, macadamia nuts, pistachios, pecans, etc.
  2. Please leave all food items in its original package with the ingredient label attached.
  3. If you send anything homemade – rice krispy treats, break apart chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes…just cut off the ingredients label or write them down and attach it to your food item.

Suggestions….popcorn – they love popcorn!, nut free Little Debbie products, rice krispy treats, pickles, goldfish, raisins, gummies, cheese, individual snack size fruits – oranges - peaches, nut free granola bars, pretzels, cheez –its, teddy grahams, and pudding snacks. (Just to name a few).

Thank you so much for your support and patience!! If you have any questions please call me!!!

Sincerely, Rebecca Sims RN 770-463-5903

Upcoming Events

See our online calendar here for a complete listing of all events.