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By Tyler Bittel

DEAD Teenager found in a Park?!?!?!

This morning, a woman that was walking her dog at the park reported seeing a person in a fountain that was surrounded in red water. "At first I thought it was some kind of dirty prank but when he didn't get up to breath, I rushed over to him only to find a knife in his head and blood oozing out of it. I immediately called 911." says Laura. The police rushed over to the park and when they got the body out of the fountain, what they saw shocked them. "He was a good friend of mine, he always came by the police station and we always talked about events that were happening in our lives." says a police officer. "He was always happy and a good o'l clown." After the police identified him as Bob, the police officers immediately went to find Bob's parents and his friends.

Bob's friends and family

The police rushed over to Bob's house to tell them what happened. "Did he do something bad again? I hope he didn't get in any trouble." says Bob's mom. It seemed that Bob's parents did not know that their son was dead so the police officers decided to tell them. "Your son, Bob, was found dead at the park this morning." says Chris. Bob's mom breaks down and falls onto her knees and says "What ha-ha-happened... WHAT HAPPENED!!!". She was screaming at the top of her lungs and was getting ready to attack the police but the police officers put her down and tried to calm her down by comforting her. The dad was looked up at the sky and said nothing. Tears were also streaming down his face.

Meanwhile, the other police officers rushed over to Bob's friends house to ask them questions. "They were two little punks at the park last night around 2 A.M. We were going to go star seeing. When we pulled out of our car to ask what they were doing, those two kids ran towards us with pocket knives. We managed to escape but that wasn't the case for Bob." says a friend of Bob. "He was a really good friend, really nice, a true friend," says the brother of Bob's friend.

We had got all the information we needed. We had to find those kids.

What happened at the park

From what Bob's friend said, apparently they were driving around the park around 2 A.M and see two kids laying down on the grass. Bob and his friends were going to go star seeing. They decided to get out of the car to ask what they were doing in the middle of the night and suddenly they attacked. They thought they all escaped from the feral kids but apparently one of the kids had Bob with him and stabbed him in the head while laughing wickedly. They drove off crying.

In memory of Bob

A poem from his girlfriend, Cherry Valence.

Oh Bob,

You were the best friend everyone could have,

Always cheerful,

Always laughing,

Oh Bob,

You had a smile that shined so brightly,

That everyone around you smiled too,

Oh Bob,

How much we miss you,

We wish you well and hoped you lived a happy life.


Right now we are searching from the kids. Apparently they are headed towards Texas from what a friend of the feral kids said. We will find these kids and ask them what happened.