Melissa Thompson


A voice that lives inside of Ever Davies head is named Skinny. Skinny tells Ever all the unwispered thoughts her classmates have about her. Ever weighs over three hundred pounds and Skinny will make sure she does not forget it. Ever loves to sing and is good at it, but does not show it because of Skinny. She would like to try out for the school musical but is to embarassed because of her weight, so Ever decides to do a risky surgery that may help her lose weight and start over. After the surgery, Ever thought Skinnys unwhispered thoughts would go away, but they did not. Ever can only eat a very little amount of food every meal otherwise she would feel to full.

Conflict And Resolution

Ever weighed over three hundred pounds and was thinking about getting surgery to lose weight. After the surgery Ever would only eat a small amount of food to lose weight. Ever thought skinny would go away after the surgery. Before the surgery Ever wanted to do the school musical but did not because of her weight. After the surgery Ever does the school musical but is nervous.

About the Author

Donna Cooner wrote this book based on her struggles with her weight. Gastric bypass surgery was a positive experience for her.

Favorite Quotes

“It just was not fair. God made some people naturally skinny and some people naturally fat."“No glass slippers, just a glass heart shattering into a million slivers of regret.”“I loved you when you were three hundred and two pounds, and I love you now."-Rat”