Dog care 7 days week

At 1550 Cumberland road

Why you should hire me

You should hire me because I will walk the dog/dogs, feed the dog/dogs, play with the dog/dogs, Give the dog/dogs a bath, Groom the dog/dogs. I will take care of the dog/dogs. I will call the dog/dogs/puppies whatever you want me to. I will take the dog/dogs to the animal clinic if needed. I will provide the dog/dogs health and safety.

Our suplliess

My dog suppliers are dog treats,new key chains if in need, leashes, dog wash if need to wash dog, cages, dog food, dog food bowls, dog beds, and brush.

Dog care hours open

Mon-Friday: 10am-11pm

Sat: 2pm-12am

Sun: 3pm-12am

How much it cost

$5.00 per dog

$10.00 per day

$15.00 Bonus

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