Fraser Gold Rush

One of the most significance event that happened in Canada

The Gold Rush

A first nation man was drinking water from a lake one day, then he found a shinny gold metal. The first nation quickly learned that the "Shinny metal" is a really good material which the Europeans would want. They began selling it to them. The Europeans first provided them with spoons to mine, then shovels. One day they found some Americans mining their gold and was trying to push them off, so they were not happy about it. They began a war. Later on the European government establish the mainland of that area to be an official area of the place, which was known as British Colombia nowdays for us.

The Profundity

How were people affected by the event or person?

The Fraser Gold Rush affected very many people. One of the example is British Columbia, it was a random land at first, because of the gold rush, it got established as an official land. Another example would be the war between the first nation and the Americans, they lost many many lives and after that the first nations became very poor. People still live in British Columbia these days. So that's why it affected more people than the other event.

Matthew Tse 7-2

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