story Mice & Men

By: John Steinbeck

Mice and Men

The story of Mice and Men is about what it means to be human. What it means to have dreams and goals you want to reach. And what it means to struggle and work hard to earn money. This story is about two men with a dream of owning their own farm. A man who hates any one taller than him. Men are hard at work and a old man trying to survive without any worrie.

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Was it difficult starting a career during the Great Depression

  1. During that time John Steinbeck could find multiple things to write about.
  2. During the Great Depression when the stock market crashed people would do anything to get work so Steinbeck found facts that would interest people.

John Steinbeck

John is an american novelist who's career took off during the Great Depression. John enrolled at Stanford University in 1919 to strengthen his writing skills. Seventeen of john's pieces of work were turned into Hollywood films.Steinbeck received an Academy Award nomination in 1944 for lifeboat