Figurative Language

Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Idiom, Hyperbole


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Definition: Comparing two things without using like or as

Example: Your mind is greater than a sword.

Meaning: Your mind is very powerful

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Definition: Giving human qualities to inhuman things

Example: They were as hungry as a lion.

Meaning: They were very hungry.

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Definition: Not the literal meaning

Example: I'm gonna hit the road.

Meaning: They are going to leave.

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Definition: An exaggeration the cannot possibly be true.

Example: This bag weigh's a ton!

Meaning: The bag weigh's a lot.

Short Story

Jill and Bob were writing poems one day when they were so hungry they could eat a horse. (hyperbole) So they packed up their things and went down the treehouse. They started to go to Dictionopolis. While they were walking down the path Bob said "I can't believe we are going back already!" Jill said "Yeah we need an excuse to get in so let's start thinking of onw while we are walking."

They got to Dictionopolis and it looked like they had just run a marathon. (Simile) The gatekeeper asked why they were here. Bob said "We are hungry for some words." So the gatekeeper let them in and they went looking for their favorite stand. When they got to the stand they asked Phil if they could have 6 G's, 2 I's, 2 L's, 2 E's, and 2 S's. They said thanks to Phil and they started to go home to eat the giggles. Half way home they realized the words had legs and could walk on their own. (Personification) When they got home they when into the kitchen and made up the giggles. When they started eating the sandwiches it looked like the lion inside of them came out of them. (Metaphor) When the got to the treehouse they had to run because it was raining cats and dogs. (Idiom) So when it stopped raining they went inside and rested for the rest of the day.