Missing A Friend

Ashlyn Fisher

My heart dropped

when I heard the news.

I wish I could hold you

in my arms one last time,

just to see you and you cute,

white ball of fluff.

You were always there.

You would run back and forth

until you couldn't run anymore,

waiting for me to come down off the swing.

Waiting to give me a big wet kiss

with your soft pink tongue.

You showed me unconditional love,

like no one else could.

When I was learning how to crawl,

you didn't mind me chasing you

and occasionally pulling your tail.

You would just look at me with your

beautiful, sky blue eyes, and give me a kiss.

You, my gorgeous dog, Sassy,

will always be in my heart.

And until we meet again,

I know you will be looking down on me,

I will always remember your exceptional

love and loyalty.

Until we meet again.

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