The Oregon Trail

Lauren Archer

Can I have a new start if I go west?

Of course you can. There's cheap land and the land is fertile. You can travel west and start all over again.

What about my debt?

If you move west, you are escaping all of your debt from the government. Save just a little money now and you can forget about paying that money back to the government.

What if I don't have a green thumb?

Well, if you don't have a talent for farming you can always remember that there aren't a lot of businesses out there right now so you can always start a business and make money since you wouldn't have a lot of competition.

What supplies do I need to start?

You will want a wagon to pull your supplies and you'll want oxen or mules to pull the wagon. When picking your wagon, make the best choice for you. The best wagon to take to Oregon would be the Prairie Schooner. You would want the basic food supplies too. Coffee, bread, bacon, sugar, salt, ect. Find the supplies that fit your needs for this trip.

Where do I start?

The trail starts in St. Joseph or Independence, Missouri or even Council Bluff, Iowa. You can take the trail from there. Know that there is a risk that you are taking by traveling along the Oregon Trail but once your reach your destination, the risk could be worth it.

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