Storm Update

Hello Willow Tree families,

Today was a true test of how much water our property can withstand. Until 7:00 am this morning, we thought we were in the clear, however the ground was not able to absorb the water as quickly as necessary. We were able to install three pumps to displace the water to the storm drains at the street. We were less than 1/4th of an inch from having water inside the building. Thankfully, aside from some wet and muddy sidewalks and constant pump re-positioning, the school building has experienced no damage at all thus far.

The grounds and part of the walkway are still under water and we will continue to monitor the water levels through the night. Our walkway is compromised not only by water, but also by three pumps and generators for the pumps, in the event of a power loss). In light of the safety risks of having children onsite with the necessary equipment and because of the Sonoma County wide school closures, roadway flooding and road closures, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our students, their parents and the staff to close for tomorrow.

I am truly sorry for the untimely, inconvenience that our closure has caused, however, we are responsible for the well-being and safety of our students is our highest priority. For those of you who reached out to us today to offer your assistance, I truly cannot express enough to you how grateful I am for your concern and thoughtfulness. Today has been very rough and your kindness kept us going. We have yet to be dry or warm yet today and are about to eat our first meal of the day. We will work through the night to ensure that the school remains completely functional for next week. Thank you again for your understanding and patience!