Our shop sells many electronics such as televisions, cameras. phones and play stations.

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Our competitors in the market.

Sony is a Japanese company founded in Tokyo- Japan in the year 1946.

We consider Walmart and Best buy to be our competitors as both sell same products such as Cameras, televisions, PlayStations and many more items available in the stores. There is competition when it comes to phones and televisions as there are many other brands for these two and even camera's as well. But when it's related to the ps4, no other company other than Xbox/Microsoft is our competitor.

Product Development

The employees at Sony will always respect the opinion of both it's current customers but also it's potential customer's.
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Product Packaging

We at Sony believe it's important to protect our products because it can seem to be expensive to repair them after. Hence, we always package our products very well. For Playstations, there is a big box which contains another box for double protection. Accessories and the Playstation itself comes with plastic or a soft material to protect it. The packaging process is similar for other products as well, making sure they are not damaged before they even get to you.

Product Pricing

The pricing for our products seem to be inexpensive and varies for each different product. We usually have deals as well so our customers can save as much money as possible. More well known brands usually have a higher price whereas not as big brand products may be cheaper but not as qualitative as others. Our pricing is based on the brand, how much the customer can pay, cost to make it and what amount other competitors have placed for the same item.

Sony camera's can usually cost people from $100 to even$500, but it also depends on the different features.

The sony ps4 is usually $450, but on a promotion one can also get it for $430 plus taxes including the ps4, a controller, wires and usually a full game as well.


Sony is well known in the market for it's high quality phones such as the Sony Xperia series, and televisions. It has a good reputation in the market along with other companies such as Samsung, LG, Apple and many many more.


Sony convinces it's customers to buy their products by mailing flyers of stores where their products can be bought at to homes. Then people are aware of the sales going on which convinces them to buy the specific product they want. The products can be bought at stores such as Walmart, Bestbuy and Sony stores itself. Sony also convinces customers through website promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Bestbuy which are available only trough the internet.


Sony products can not be bought at our own stores or through our own website. Our potential customers can buy our products from other electronic stores as well such as Walmart and Bestbuy which are the main ones selling our products. Our products are distributed through all these different store locations and also through shopping online at their websites.


Sony keeps it products stored in their warehouses or stores available for purchase at like Walmart and Best buy throughout Canada and many other countries as well.
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Promotion is the most important tool to sell our products to many people. They usually do this by mailing flyers of stores which have their products to homes.
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