Topo Chico Riot

49 dead in Mexican prison riot

A fight broke out between leaders of rival gangs that soon turned into a prison riot. The riot killed 49 people and injured 12, with five in critical condition. This started as a fight for control of the prison. Other similar events have happened in the past. Over crowding in Mexican prisons is a major problem and has caused many deaths and injuries in the past. This event and others like it are raising concern for prison reforms.

Prison reform is needed all over the world, evident through the many violent attacks in past years. The impact of imprisonment is detrimental to the individual, family, and community. While some countries are unable to provide the necessary human and economic resources, it is imperative to do all we can to reform the justice systems. Human rights are violated in many of the world prisons. The principle that imprisonment only derivates the right to liberty is one that must be protected. If we continue letting human rights be violated or even just pushed, we will lose our sense of right and wrong.

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