James Madison

Hero , Lawmaker and President

James Madison's Background!

James Madison is a Founding Father, Husband and was a united states president. He was the 4th president of the united states, and was president while we were fighting Britain for a short time but he did give in before the war ended. He married a girl named Dolly Madison who we read about in the hero's trail. They fit each other perfectly because while Madison was quite Dolly was outgoing and loud. Also, James was very,very quite. People usually had to get out of their seats and walk over to him to be able to hear him.

James Madison is a Hero for All-time

James Madison is a hero for all-time. To know how he is a hero for all-time you first must know what a Hero for all-time means. It is someone who has affected our earth, our way of living so much that hes remembered for all-time. And James Madison (Below) is a hero for all-time because he made laws that we used then and are still using now. James Madison was the basis for the future governments and laws.

James Madison's Signature

Significant Events!

James Madison did more then just be a president, He did so much more! For one he signed the Declaration of Independence which gave us freedom from the British which was a gigantic step in the right direction for United States independence. Also, gave us religious freedom. He allowed us to have our own religion, and made it that you wouldn't be judged for what you believe in. Lastly he was the President of the United States of America! He helped us during the fight with Britain and helped us get our freedom but he did give in before the war ended and the world may never know if it was for the better or the worst.

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