The DeLaPaz Dazzler

March 18, 2016

PARCC donations and schedule

Please read the attached letter about our upcoming PARCC testing! We have plenty of mints and gum. We could use some Jolly Ranchers.

Weekly Updates

This week in our class we read a biography about Gertrude Ederle. In our reading story we worked on fact and opinion, suffixes, and questioning. We reviewed contractions as well. In math we finished our fraction unit with a test that kids did very well on! We are doing more fraction review and using Pearson math to get used to type of questions for upcoming PARCC test after break. We also started our next science unit about life cycles. We will be looking at both plant and animal life cycles.

Important Dates

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

March 25- No School

March 28-April 1st- Spring Break

April 5th-7th- PARCC ELA tests

April 11th-12th- PARCC Math tests

April 15th- No School

Recycling At Conley

Do you have plastic bags you need to get rid of? Wait no more!! Bring in your plastic bags and film (bread bags, dry cleaning bags, cereal bags, etc.) to school and place them in the recycling bins located in the rotunda.


This week in art we finshed are flower picture with paint. We also finshed are name tags for the art show.We are going to start a new art picture this week.We have done a lot of cool picture this year .All the name tags are different and they are all really awesome.We had a fun week in art this week.

By:Katie Ferrara


Music is the coolest subject! Our music teacher is Mrs.Crow today we were working on the song “Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day”. The song is very cool, we will make our video on Monday. This is not the only song we have learned we also learned “Creature in the classroom”. I’m so excited this till we learn our next song “All around the buttercup”.

By: Angel


In pe today we played war.Team two won the first round.I was very fun doing war.How you play is you go to a ring and a nother pearson comes to play.Who ever had a highter card woulde win and they would put in in the other pill. By: Caleb


This week in reading we wrote a biography of people in our class.We also wrote an autobiography about ourselves. We did a kidblog and we did our Daily five work and we did guided reading.We also worked on saint Patrick’s day stuff.


Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

In math we are learning fractions and equivalent fractions. We are also review math on pearson again to review what we are doing in 4th grade.We started this project called fraction Avenue.And they put fractions so we can figure out what we draw on/by the houses.For St.Patrick’s day we did something with lucky charms.We had to count how many oats there were and put them in them in groups of 3,5,and 10.We had to count how many marshmallows there were to!


Math- Mrs. Busky

During math this week we did many things. This is what we did on

MONDAY - We had our unit 7 test. When we were done with that we did some plotting points. If you don’t know what “plotting points” are, well you get a grid and you have to follow direction to where you put the dot and connect them. Then you just color it. When you are finished you can do Extra Math or Front row.

TUESDAY - We talked about our new Unit. We also reviewed fractions.

WEDNESDAY - We talked about how you get the perimeter to a 2D shape. We also watched an Mathantics video.

THURSDAY - We learned about the Area of a shape. Specifically we did it with rectangles and squares. To me at first it was confusing. We watched an Mathantics video as well. We also did guided math.

FRIDAY - We review everything that we did this week and what most people like that there is NO HOMEWORK ON FRIDAY. Everyone goes crazy that they hear that there is no homework. IT IS SO LOUD IN THERE.

HOMEWORK We did study links everyday except on Monday because we had a test and thursday we had a worksheet.

By, Myesha


In science we learn about life sicles. Some life cycles were plants and animals.

We got to do games to know how the life cycles work. We also learned what they need like sun or water.

By Christo


This week in writing we were doing cursive.we are doing the capital cursive letters.we are almost done with all the letters so we can do the cursive test then we get our cursive license.I can’t wait till i get my cursive license.




To prepare for the upcoming PARCC testing, our school focused the PAWS Pride lesson on stress and anxiety. We not only worked on recognizing the signs of stress and anxiety but also discussed coping strategies.

Music News From Mrs. Crowe

We played a song about a "Creature in the Classroom" using our recorders, mallet percussion and a poem by Jack Prelutsky. We made a video of the song! It's on your teacher's classroom haiku page--have your student show you! I think you'll notice a big improvement in their playing from the first video we sent you this school year