Eat Smart, Play Hard Wellness

By: Trinity W, Alyssa D, Antoneo C

Impacts of physical activity

  • Physical inactivity + unhealthy eating = lower life expectancy but also diseases like type two diabetes and coronary artery disease and problems like lower metabolic rate, weak immune system, and a rise in blood pressure.

  • Obese kids have the same arteries of a 45

  • Physical activity also impacts self esteem, behavior, friendships, and academic performance

Where is the body effected by Physical activity

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Our Physical Fitness Walking Maps

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  • A to B =208
  • B to C =331
  • C to D =229
  • D to E =189
  • E to F =137

Inside Walking Map (My Schedule)

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  • Photo (131) to Ceramics (126) = 52
  • Ceramics to English(111) = 109
  • English to lunch and back = 399
  • English to Math(230) = 249
  • Math to parking lot = 145
  • x7 laps = 2,004
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Pedometer App


  • 1- Its Free!
  • 2-Simple to use (one button to start)
  • 3-Shows total "workouts", time, and steps.
  • 4-Can set reminders.


  • 1- Freezes a lot.
  • 2-Phone has to be open.
  • 3-Sometimes counts 1 step as 7 steps.
  • 4-Most of the time it skips steps or won't count any at all for a period of time.
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  • For the average person it takes a little more then 2,000 steps to complete a mile.
  • It is recommend everyone should have 30 mins of exercise 5 days a week.
  • Physical activity reduces premature death by 20-30%
  • Unhealthy eating damages the body more then smoking or drinking.