How Can We Be Smarter About Energy?

Using Energy at Home, School, and your Neighborhood Wisely

We have Been Using Too Much Energy!

Everywhere we go we use LOTS of energy, in all different forms. The most common form of energy is Fossil Fuels. They are very bad for the environment because they pollute the air, and the ground when it leaks into the soil. We also use energy in school, our community, and our homes. It's getting out of hand, so we really need a new energy source. Only one problem still stands. What are those new energy sources going to be?

What can we do to help reduce energy use at school?

To reduce the energy at school, I think we should stop bumping the water fountain every time we run past it. Think about it, if there are about 200 6th graders, and each one let the water fountain run without drinking out of it, that's about 200 ounces of wasted water. NOT a good way to use it. We need to conserve the water so that we don't get a super high water bill. If we stop doing this, think of all the water we'll save!

But We Use a Lot of Energy at Home Too...

At home, I think we should turn off all the lights when we aren't using them. When we leave our house, we have two lights that we leave on for safety purposes, but the rest of the lights get turned off. It's much more affordable than leaving every single light in your house on. Then your electric bill is huge!

And Then There's the Community to Consider...

In our community, we should either carpool or ride the bus to get places. Cars use lots of fossil fuels and that's bad for the environment because it's producing lots of carbon dioxide. But when we only drive one or two cars, it's only them instead of four that are all making carbon dioxide.