Ms. Link's Art Class

Get ready to take chances, make mistakes and get messy!

About Ms. Link

Hello artists! My name is Ms. Link and I am so proud to be an art teacher at WBE. This will be my second year at this school, and this year I will get to be here full time! I am so excited to have fun and create with all of you this year! Before joining the Wells Branch family I lived in Denver, Colorado. I got my B.A. in Art education with an emphasis in art history, drawing and sculpture from the University of Northern Colorado. I taught for 4 years at an elementary school in Denver before deciding to make the move to Austin. When I’m not teaching I love to read, watch movies, cook and make stuff. In my art class I try to give students the mental tools to be fantastic artists. I emphasize creativity, collaboration and thoughtful art making habits. As an art history minor it is also very important to me that the kids get to experience where different art was made and understand the cultural significance behind objects. We spend a lot of time thinking about art, talking about it and learning critical thinking skills to help decipher the world around us. As well rounded artists it is also important to develop a wide range of tools for expression, so in my class we use a variety of 2-D supplies like painting, printing, drawing and collage as well as 3-D mediums including clay, wire, found objects, fibers and paper-mache. The role of a parent in developing artistic kids is paramount. If you ever want a peek into your child’s creative process or get some tips for making art at home please feel free to visit my website or email me to set up a time to come visit the art room. I look forward to an inspiring and productive year in the art room!

What To Expect This Year


Kindergarten is all about trying new things and learning how to use our bodies and minds to create!  We will be learning basic drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking techniques as well as some unexpected skills like painting with sticks, weaving  and pop-up art!  The historical focus this year is on prehistoric and ancient art.   So we will be visiting the cave painters of Lascaux, introducing the kids to the fierce monsters that guarded the temples in ancient Assyria and learning how pottery was invented in Japan!

1st Grade

In 1st grade we learn how to tell stories with our art and explore what art can tell us about the culture it comes from.  This year we will be learning how to paint with rollers and stencils, make clay reliefs and create colorful collages!  We study the art of Central and South America, Mexcio and Ancient Greece this year!  We will be learning about the gods and goddesses of greek myths, visiting Panama to learn about symmetry and discovering the Dia De Los Muertos festival  in Mexico!

2nd Grade

By the time kids reach the second grade they are ready for a challenge.  This year we get to expand kids’ ideas about art to include the abstract-and boy, do we have a fun time doing it!!  We will be using lots of different supplies this year including wire, found objects, tempera paint, clay and so much more! We will travel to Africa where we will be visiting the Pharaoh's tombs in Egypt, making our own masks like the people of Nigeria and exploring the great big world of abstract art!

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