2015 Funk You Up!

The Crazy Moments from 2015!

You know when that ball drops, 2015 has to stop.

While 2015 was a great yer there was a mix of great events that we all enjoyed and some that we wish to forget, But all were memorable. (Besides Drakes horrible dancing).
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Drake Tied in First for Best Musical Artist for the Year

Drakes work with Hotline Bling and Energy have been stellar this year, not to mention absolutely killing Meek Mill in a diss-off. it will go down as one of the most one sided competitions of all time since the Nas VS Jay-Z Era.
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Dj Kalled Tied for First in the Best Musical Artist of the Year

DJ Kalled inspirational quotes and his innovations in the Rap and music industry really show how much he deserves this award. He is also one of the most influential figures of 2015 with his trademark term: 'Another One'
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Paris Attacks

Over 2015 there have been multiple terrorist attacks on the City of Paris, France, one of the epicenters of Europe. The first of such was an attack on the satirical magazine of Charlie Hebdo. The second and third and most recent attacks were on a Heavy Metal Concert and a Cafe in Paris. All of these attacks were taken credit to by ISIL a Islamic Organization committed to a form of radical Islam used to deter Westerners and Europeans alike.
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GermanWings Flight 9525 Plane Crash

A major aviation mystery in 2015 led investigators to a suspect shortly after the deadly crash: the co-pilot. The recording from inside the cockpit of Germanwings Flight 9525 during the March 24 flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf indicated that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked the lead pilot out of the cockpit during a break and proceeded to direct the plane towards the mountains of the French Alps, killing all 150 passengers and crew on board.
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Police Brutality in America

This issue is one of the more touchy subjects but needed to be touched upon this one time, Police have been getting a bad rep lately for some incidents happening in certain parts of the US, this is a very small demographic of officers but the ones involved in this incident represent the police force as a whole. The incidents that were involved weren't handled well in the majority of Americans' minds.
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GE's Achievements in Marketing

GE has made an ton of innovations this year with many different projects they have completed and/or working on this year. One of their biggest being a working railgun for the US Navy.
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Beats By Dre is Sold to Apple

Dr. Dre finally decided to sell his famous brand to the monsters at Apple for 3 Billion Dollars. Dr. Dre made headlines when he sold his company to apple in exchange for 2.3 billion dollars and $400,000,000 Dollars in Stock Trade. Dre now has a special position in Apple directly promoting the NEW Apple beats.

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