Rio De Janeiro



For my activities i will be going hangliding over the jeaseus statue. I will also go on the zipline which i already explained. This deeestination gives me many oppertuities to learn new things like how to survive in Rio.


The cost for my whole trip with be exactly 19,702.33. My hotel will cost about 3,230. Im giving myself about 700 dollors for spending money. i will also give myself 300 dollors for plane is the one that cost a lot it is about 19,002 dollors, and i will also need 400 dollors for gas.

Rio Hotel

The hotel i'm staying in a hotel in Rio actually called Rio hotel. The hotel has very amazing breakfast. They have nice rooms and a very good scene you can see out your window.


It will take me 11hrs and 3 min. to get there. that means i have to sit in a plane for that many hours. the reason why it is that long is because it is 5,022 mi away. I want to go by myself because i want to get away from my world and go to theirs. As you can tell i will get there by plane because its really far away, and im not going to drive 5,022. I am going to stay in rio for 16 days.

Rio facts

I've always wanted to go to a clear beach were you can see through the water. I decided i was going to go to Rio De Janeiro were the beaches are clear. i also want to go to Rio is because its far away were no one can get a hold of me.You can also go zip lining here and see the great views. The capital of brazil is brazilia. You can also do many things in Rio like hangliding, zip lining, hiking ,go swimming by the beach, or eat at a nice restaraunt,and many more things.its famed for its copacabana,also known for its jeasus christ statue.

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