Jason and the Golden Fleece

The Man Who Searched For The Golden Fleece

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He was the leader of the Argonauts (The group of 50 warriors he lead), who lead them to retrieve the golden fleece to prove that he was worthiness of the throne of Iolcus (c. 1220 BC - 1225 BC) after his uncle, Pelias, stole the throne from him. The golden fleece, which Pelias wanted, was the wool of the magical winged ram. He faced many challenges like the screaming sirens, and on his search he met Medea who helped him find the fleece, and then married her after that. Then left her for another woman, and she was killed, then he was killed by a piece of tinder.


Jason Traits are:
  • Brave
  • Fair
  • Respectful
  • Rude (To Medea)
  • Caring
  • Determined

Family Tree

Jason was born from his parents Aeson and Polymede. Jason found his wife Medea which gave birth to their children Mermerus and Pheres.


Jason was a normal human who was trained in wrestling, unarmed combat, and fair swordsmen. According to the myth he was gifted of good judgement, smooth tongue, and charisma with women. He proved himself that he was a brave and respectful leader.


Loneliness - This might sound weird, but he died from loneliness (Kinda). When he was married to Medea, he deserted her to go marry King Creon's daughter. Medea got really mad and killed Jason's bride and King Creon, and even her own children. She then left and left Jason to mourn for his loss in loneliness and died when a piece of tinder struck Jason in the head from the Argo.

Fun Facts

  • He grew up at the time of Hercules, Castor, Pollux, Theseus, and other heroes.
  • His name was originally spelled Iason.
  • While looking for the fleece, he meet Medea, a woman who was a sorceress who helped Jason get the fleece.
  • They received a giant ship called the Argo, which was built by Argos.


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