Science Lab Teachers

Meeting 10/5/2015


· Lead4ward has vocabulary for science.

· Mystery Science Word of Week – TPT

· DUMP – Word of the Day

o *D stands for Define the word

o *U stands for Use it in a sentence

o *M stands for Make a Connection

o *P stands for Picture it


· Applying the Standards: STEM

· Jumpstart for Science – short daily warm-ups

· Force and Motion by Christina De Carbo - TPT

· Force and Motion Lab by Science Doodles – TPT

· AIMS – Season-O in 1st grade book

· Lone Star Learning

· – free resources

· – free resources

· Engineering Process for STEM

o Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve (Some add Experiment)

Big image

Snail care

· Suggestions - provide cuttle bone, water bowl, mist daily

· Food suggestions – Kale, leaves, lettuce, Granny Smith apples

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on November 2, 2015 at Corrie Portier's lab at Cornerstone Elementary.