By: Isac A. Calderon and Jules F. Prevot

What is a Theme

A theme is the "main" idea of a text.
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Dos and Don'ts


  • Make an observation
  • Be original
  • Talk about reality
  • Be reasonable


  • No morals or Commands
  • No common sayings
  • Don't be specific to the text
  • Don't be absoluted

Steps for Writing Theme Statements

  1. Choose an abstract concept
  2. Combine topics with observations
  3. Make it a statement


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  1. The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare shows that the idea of friendship is very important.
  2. In The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare reveals how betrayal affects the way one's life turns out.
  3. As seen in The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare describes how often times, too much loyalty can be dangerous