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Ms. Serena Thomas and Mrs. Aksa Alex

Week of April 3rd

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Hope you are enjoying this wonderful spring season!

We are coming to the end of the Sunday school year and we have few important announcements to make.

Final Exam

May 8th, 2016

Review will be sent within next 3 or 4 days so students can start preparing. It will be an oral exam like the previous one.


May 15th, 2016 to May 29th, 2016.

We are yet to receive final dates from Jose uncle for each indivigual competition


The children have to memorize and sing the song "His banner over me is love" sharing a link to song on youtube. Selected winners from kindergarten grade will make it to regional competitions.

Story Telling

Children may prepare any story from the bible. The story needs to have a title and a moral.

Memory Verse Competition

Children can memorize any number of memory verses from the current school year or anywhere within the bible. They need to mention the references. The teachers should be given a printed or written list of memory verses they will be presenting before the competition date.

Upcoming Birthday's

Belated Birthday wishes to Karan who celebrated his birthday on the April 1, 2016. Wishing you the very best this year!

Last Week's Lesson

Children heard the story " Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man", we also saw the video attached below.Here are few related questions.

What was wrong with the man on the mat?

The man on the mat was paralyzed.

How many men carried the paralyzed man?

Four men carried the paralyzed man.

What did they do to bring the man to Jesus?

They opened the roof above Jesus and lowered the paralyzed man.

What did Jesus do for the paralyzed man?

Jesus told the paralyzed man his sins are forgiven. To stand up, take his mat, and walk.

Memory Verse

Mark 2:11b

"Stand up, take your mat and go to your home"

Related Video

Jesus Heals the Paralytic

Family Activity Guide

This month's activity guide revolves around Friendship – Spending time with someone you trust and enjoy

Here is the link to the related activity sheet.

Big Idea Experience: Friendship

Thank You Book or Gratitude Book

The idea is to encourage children to draw and write at least one thing they are thankful for during the week and share it every week with the class. Please encourage and remind them to bring it to class every week. They can decorate the outside of the book anyway they like with stickers or tape etc.

This concept is taken from the Hawn foundation started by Goldie Hawn. This is basically to remind children as they grow older about all the blessings they have in their life. America as a country is seeing children who start to get very stressed out and depressed as they grow older and these little things like the gratitude book remind them of the blessings they have in their life. So please encourage them to participate actively.