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In South Korea, It's Part of Doing Business

Precis #1

In the essay "In South Korea, It's Part of Doing Business" (2013), Han Kang, argues that"...people shouldn't change who they are because they feel so alone and feel bad about how they look (Had she felt alone?).Kang develops his essay by commenting that the girls friends say that they would miss her old self ("the face that has been discard; the one that has disappeared from the world forever"). Examples of Korean cultural it exaggerates in order to prevent people to get plastic surgery to feel good about themselves; in fact, Kang asserts that people who want themselves to look like every other person are "scrap". Kang's audience are men and women because he opens up to people who don’t think that they are good enough the way they look like even if it to look good for a job interview.