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Interviewing Frederick Douglass

Im here Interviewing Fredrick Douglass at his cottage in the middle of somewhere. Where interviewing him because he not only escaped as a teenager but he inspired others and he also beat the SLAVE BREAKER! Furthermore he got his freedom in 1831 and where gonna find out what all did he go through?

Where did you go to get advice

Nowhere becuase I could not ask the master becuase he whips harder than all of the slave owners COMBINED

Where did you work on the plantation

I worked in the tobacco farms and I was also planting other things like potato's and carrots. I also worked in the barn carrying ALOT of crops from the farm.

How did you know where to go and what to do?

I do it every single day plus if i don't I get beat with a whip until I crawl where i need to be with whip marks all over my back. Its that or I get BEAT BEAR HANDED!

When and where did you feel lonley

I Felt lonley everywhere and always. However I felt more lonley in the woods becuase i know if I mess up and my owner comes out here to whip me till I fall down on my knees begging for help.

Are slave owners a threat to you?

yes most of the time I usally get caught in the feilds stealing food so I could escape but I got caught Just getting set up

Did you have any friends on the plantation?

Actually no I didn't really have friends all I had was the whip and my mind. Besides even if I did have friends back then it would make watching them get whip marks all over them would make it harder to watch than it is but if I didn't get back to work fast enough I would be in the same problem as him. Saturdays where the only days we got playtime if we where lucky. So I basically had none.

Did you try to fight reading? Why?

I did not try to fight it because I would be able to understand more. However I did know the consequences of getting caught trying to learn how to read or secretly. Furthermore some people say teaching a black child or slave how to read gives them dangerous thoughts. Although the consequences are not that bad being compared to working for the MASTER!

Did you ever miss your mother when you where growing up without her? Why?

Actually I did miss her ALOT growing up and when ever I thought about her I always had tears running down my eyes but it was hard to because I got so focussed on her I forgot that I am supposed to be working. I had Idea at that moment I just had to figure out how to pull it off.

Last question. Why did you run away?

I ran away mostly because it is what my mother would want. for me to be safe and have all the freedom I wanted. Although I also ran away because they put me through so much pain and hard work for so MANY YEARS! then I finally escaped in 1831.

U.S.A VS U.S.A Navel War by: Brent Smith

Dear parents. Date: March ,12, 1862

Today our head navy officer John Worden got us on our navy boat and told us that we are expecting supplies from land near the south. However they have to sneak it over because of other battles and we can not afford less supplies than we have now. So I got on on the boat that we called the monitor, Right when I started to feel better about maybe the supplies will explode thing in my head. For some reason I just get a nervous feeling whenever I get supplies because I have been sabotaged before and it was NOT pretty. When John worden got us all loaded up including him and he said before we go there is something I must tell you. That’s when my stomach curled up into a ball of knitting yarn. “Look out for a big ship, I hear the confederate has it built so if we see it we take it down. So when we set out at 6:00am about 2 hours later we all spotted a big big big opponent. It was bigger than us in strength, size and protection. Then one of my loadout buddies said “We're gonna need a bigger boat.” Then that was when we heard the turret fire on our opponent it lasted a day before our pilothouse was hit and we were sinking fast. I jumped off our boat and started swimming towards shore. By the end of it 500 casualties union and 100 confederate casualties. We lost but a couple managed to escape. However John Worden I hoped survived even though he got some sort of splinter in his eye. Other than that life is good. Although what really stinks is that the confederate won. The supplies ship turned around due to threats from the south so that was pretty much what made go crazy and lose.

From your son Billy.

Biography of William llyode garrison


William Lloyd Garrison did a lot of amazing things. His father deserted Williams family and he was delivering wood all day for money. William also travels northern states hoping to make a difference in slavery. His main goal was to abolish it though. William was a abolitionist who was married in 1834. William had 7 children, sadly 2 children died after birth. William lloyd garrison was born Dec,10,1805 in Newburyport Massachusetts. William lloyd garrison was anti-slavery president for over 20 YEARS! In addition William Lloyd Garrison lived to be 72 years old and he died on May,24,1879 in New York. William also said many powerful things when he was fighting for free slaves like “I am in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch and I will be HEARD. There’s a lot more but william lloyd garrison was a great abolitionist and changed many opinions about slavery.


When I was out in the back doing my chores for the day my owner came at me with a whip. I decided to run around the yard but when he caught me he said “I am not gonna whip you buddy.” However that was a relief but then that's when he said something I did NOT want to hear. Although he said “ I am sorry to say this but your family is ill, However if you work hard the rest of today you can go see your family.” However he made a request that shook me up in nervousness. “If you don’t come back on time to start your chores tomorrow you're gonna get a spray paint of purple on your back young man.” “ya here me?” “y-yes sir” I said nervously.

After my hard day of work my owner let me go out to see my parents (like he promised me). When I got to the slave quarters my family looked so sick and tired. Luckily I did manage to work hard enough for some extra tools from my owner. I gave them as much as I could spare but then I realized I am NOT GOING BACK to being a slave who works till the last drop of sweat just to get a meal or a drink of water so that’s when I saw the road there is only 2 ways to go on it. So I chose a path and followed and followed and followed it ALL NIGHT LONG. When it became morning I decided to take a nap except i forgot 1 thing. I needed to get to a safe place before I rest because what woke me up was a whip hitting HARD at my back. Then I felt blood oozing down my back from the nails he put in the whip.

The next morning I stole things from my owner and my master in order to be prepared this time because I was not giving up on getting to the north. I did the same thing I did last time I just stayed at the slave quarters so I don't get caught. I snuck back to the plantation to gather more supplies. Then I made a break for the woods I was so tired for the next 4 days that I SLEPT IN THE WOODS FOR 4 DAYS! Then I saw it I was right next to the border so I ran there and then I saw THE SLAVE CATCHERS so I did retreat back to the woods but I did not feel safe there so I got to the slave quarters to check on my family and I gave my family some more food and went back to the woods to do some more hunting but on my way everywhere I feel stinging coming from my back. I checked it there was only whip marks and some bruises also A LOT of DRIED UP BLOOD FROM THE WHIP! I took a nap and in the morning I ate some food and I headed of to the border for another attempt to escape this southern prison. However there were guards standing at the border with loaded guns ready to kill any runaway slave. I only have a pocket knife versus 20 southern slave catchers on horse ready and armed. So I waited for them to pass while I was hunting in the woods. Then I realized there has got to be more than 1 way to get to the north. So I tryed the road again walking until it got dark or I passed out then I heard slave catchers coming towards me I jumped into the bushes with my back burning with pain I tried hard not to yell from the the pain and relax. Apparently I got a little too carried away with the whole relaxing thing because they caught me AGAIN.

No matter what it takes from me I will escape in the next few days or not escape at all but I will be free, I thought. When I got back my master was standing at my owner's house with a whip but my owner was right beside him with his whip with nails all over it. “Oh god please let me live” I said under my breath. However when I got there the guards chased after me and when they got me they held me tight so I could not wiggle out. Furthermore when my owner took his first swing I got a face full of it. Next came the masters strike I ducked and it hit the guard behind me and he was down crying while I made a break for the woods again. My owner managed to get me in the side of the head right after I jumped over the fence and was running

when they got me they held me tight so I could not wiggle out. Furthermore when my owner took his first swing I got a face full of it. Next came the masters strike I ducked and it hit the guard behind me and he was down crying while I made a break for the woods again. My owner managed to get me in the side of the head right after I jumped over the fence and was running d me. They were standing there armed and ready. They said “GIVE YOUR BAG TO US AND GET ON THE HORSE OR WE FIRE OUR WEAPONS” I was to scared to say anything so I tossed the bag to them and I said y-yes but before I could get anything else out of my mouth they fired. “It was only a blank as a warning kid now GET ON THE HORSE FOR THE LAST TIME!” I got on the horse and on the whole way back his barrel was pointed back at me so I stayed quite the whole ride back. I got kicked a couple of times when I got back to work and also got whip marks all over but on the other hand I got guards following me around at work hours plus their covering the exits to so I guess i'm not going anywhere…



Ways on the plantation

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