lets talk about me, but listen to you

What is an ENFP personality?

Those with an ENFP personality are true free spirits. They tend to be the life of the party, but really enjoy the people at the party, and not the party itself. We're your true "people person", but we care more about our relationship than just talking. ENFP personal love connections, and tend to be independent, charming, energetic, and compassionate. This all comes from my Myers-Briggs results, but also are honestly me, in real life.

Accurate Trait: Extraverted

According to the Myers-Briggs quiz, those who have ENFP personalities are extroverted. The quiz had the audacity to give me a "94% extroverted" in that category. I would've given myself a 100%, but Ill settle with a 94%. But really, the quiz accurately reflects how easily I can connect with people. I, like most ENFP, have an uncanny ability to talk to anyone. Its both a blessing, and a curse to others. I tend to talk some strangers ears off!

Accurate Trait Part Two: Connections

As you can probably tell, ENFP personalities have no problems talking, and especially about themselves. But despite our ability to do that, we have the ability to calm down, and listen to what you have to say. Yes, I would much rather be the one speaking so Ill have the attention, but I also want to hear what you have to say. Nothing means more to me, and odds are other ENFP personalities, then a one on one conversation to build trust and a conversation. Again, well have no problem talking about anything, honestly.

Weak Trait: Overly Emotional

With as much that going on with ENFP personalities, its no surprise that we tend to be overly emotional. Most will say we exaggerate everything, or we're "over dramatic", and it may seem like that to them, but we cant help it. The drama and emotions are all logical in our brains, because we put out feelings first.

Strong Trait: Creativity

With ENFP personalities, there tends to be constant crazy thoughts circling through their minds. Most of these being ones that will just stay ideas, when it comes to solving problems or art projects, ENFP personalities tend to find solutions, or create art, no average person would've thought of! This again, shows they can be smart, but over think things, but also in cool ways!