Scrooge Meets Santa

Scrooge went back to his old self after the incident with his nephew. He was so angry and the worst part was that it happened on Christmas so Scrooge was back to hating Christmas. He wanted it gone forever. He had to take care of his nephew's kids because his nephew is probably dead. All of a sudden his room started shaking, Scrooge didn't panic because he thought it was just the spirits again or the Ghost of Jacob Marley, but he was wrong. A blue circle appeared in the middle of the room and a figure stepped out of it. " Who are you, why are you here?" the figure said," I am your great great great great great great nephew from the year 2065." "What are you doing here?" asked scrooge more confused than ever. "The year 2065? but its not even the 21st century." "I am from the future." "reveal yourself at once!" Demanded Scrooge. His nephew stepped out into the light. his nephew was wearing a grey shirt with glowing neon green shoulders. his face was clear with blue eyes and wavy brown hair. "Why are you here?" asked Scrooge breathing heavily. "I am here to ask you for a favor." Scrooge, which was now breathing more lightly asked "Okay what is this task?" "We are going to destroy Christmas there is figure in my time that goes by the name Santa Clause." His nephew held up a picture of him. " He is Christmas' heart and soul and if he gets stopped so does Christmas, are you in?" "I am" "Okay put these on." His nephew tossed a pair of neon orange shoes to Scrooge. Scrooge was brave, an unexpected jolt of energy went through Scrooge, he felt energetic. Scrooge put on the shoes and began to hover towards the blue rift and traveled through space and time and landed right in front of Santa. Scrooge lifted up the image and put it back down "This is the guy." thought Scrooge. Santa, who was now glaring at Scrooge,was pulling out a weapon. " I know exactly who you are." Barked Santa. Scrooge, at the first motion, lunged forward with a battle cry. But, Scrooge missed and went back into the rift. Instead of going back to his time he ended up in the connection between space and time and was erased from existance.