The Articles in Action

By Cameron Renner


The first article tells us how the legislative branch works. The legislative branch creates laws for our country and is also has the longest section.


The second article of the constitution talks about how the executive branch works. It lists the powers of the executive branch and the rights/powers of the president. This branch also executes and carrys out laws.


The 3rd article of the United States talks about the formation of the Judicial Branch. The power of Judicial branch comes from the Supreme court. The supreme court decides if new laws are constitutional or not.


The fourth article discusses how the states will get along. In other words it is how states will interact with each other when it has to do with laws, fights, admitting states, and many more things.

Amendment Process

The fifth part of the constitution has to do with how the constitution will be amended or changed. This If someone wants to changed a law, article, or amendment then this is thr process that they would have to follow.

Supremacy of the Constitution

Article six tells us about the Constitution and which laws are supreme. According to this article the constitution is the supreme law of the land. The supremacy clause is also stated in this which can be found in article 6 clause 2.


Article 7 has to do with the steps that are taken to make the Constitution the law of the land. When the Constitution was swarn in it had to be ratified by 9 states out of the 13 and that was done, so the Constitution became the law of the land.