Perseus: The Dauntless Demigod

Jared Haynes

The Birth of Perseus

Perseus, son of The Greek god Zeus and mortal Diana, went down into Greek mythology as a brave and noble warrior and Demigod. It all began when an Oracle of Delphi warned Arcisius, grandfather of Perseus and king of Argos, that his grandson would kill him. After hearing this fatal news he locked Diana, his daughter, in a tower were there is no doors but a small window. But Zeus fell in love with Diana, A couple months later Perseus was born. Arcisius was outraged at the sight of his grandson, so outrageous that he put his daughter and his newly grandson in a chest and threw them out to sea. Zeus saw his beloved mistress in danger and asked Poseidon to calm the sea. In a couple of days they were picked up out of the water by Dictys, a passing fisherman. He was the brother of King Polydectes ruler of the island of Seriphos.

The Killing of Medusa

King Polydectes saw the beautiful Diana and had plans to have her hand in marriage. Young Perseus rejected for his mother's sake, the king new he couldn't get Diana to marry him until Perseus was no longer around. The king said that he had someone else in mind on who he would marry, and that everyone would have to bring gifts for his soon to be bride. Perseus, as poor as he was, was determined to get a gift to protect his mother from having to marry the king. The king requested that Perseus achieve Gorgon Medusa's head. Perseus was reluctant to go but knew this was the only way to save his mother. What King Polydectes didn't now was that Perseus was beloved by the gods. Athena, who also wanted to see Medusa parish for reasons unknown, was said to have gave him the way to the Graeae's home. Graeae's were three old hags who would eventually inform Perseus of where Medusa's cave was hidden. Medusa lived in a cave on the island of Cisthene in the Red Sea (East of Ethiopia), on his way to Medusa's cave the god Hermes and Athena gave him winged sandals, a special sword that would surely kill Medusa, and a shield that Perseus could looked at Medusa. With all of these items Perseus easily killed Medusa.
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The Slaying of Cetus

On his way home Perseus noticed a women, named Andromeda, tied to a rock. Andromeda said that she was to be sacrificed because of her vain mother bloating that her daughter was much more beautiful than Poseidon's Nereids. This made Poseidon very angry and he command that I shall be sacrificed to the Cetus. When the Cetus emerged out of the water Perseus used Medusa's head and the creature turned into stone and crumpled to pieces. He cut Andromeda chains and asked for her hand in marriage the king gladly accepted. Once back in Seriphos Perseus found out her mother had been mistreated so he stormed into the palace and turned everyone into stone.
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Perseus Inherits Argos

One day Perseus and his family decided to return to Argos without the king Arcisius knowledge. As Perseus was competing in a discus competition he accidentally kills his grandfather. Even with all the kings might he was still killed by his grandson. With the king dead Perseus was given Argos, Perseus didn't want Argos so he traded kingdoms with Tiryns. Perseus was eventually killed by Dionysus, but till this day he lives within the stars.
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Perseus: The Myth of the Great Greek Warrior