Posting your principal shadowing

Easy peasy

Step 1

Create your presentation

This is mainly for people who are going to upload PowerPoints.

Step 2

Save your presentation

Save it in an easy to find place on your hard drive.

Step 3

Open the discussion

Step 4

Start a new thread

Step 5

Attach your discussion to the thread

Pictured below
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Big image
Big image
It might take a while if you have a big file.
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Step 5 - Alternate

Open Google Drive

use your ETSU credentials to log in

Upload your file there

Pictured below
Big image
Click the share button
Big image
  • click "get shareable link"
  • click "Off - only certain people can access"
  • click "more"
  • click "On - Anyone with the link
  • copy the link
  • paste the link in the discussion
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Or even better Step 5


Use a screen capture program such as Screencastomatic or Explain Everything to upload your presentation to YouTube. You already know how to embed those.

Step 6

Big image