All About Me!

By: Karan Deol

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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Karan Deol. My uncle thought of my first name from a vintage film. I was born on March 9th, 2000. My parents are both from India and came here in 1990. They spoke little English, and as a result, I was taught to speak Punjabi at home. I grew up with a large family because my parents, grandparents, and my uncle’s family all lived in the same house. Growing up in this environment helped mold me into the person that I have become today. I care about others and how they are feeling because growing up in a big house I was always asking if everyone ate dinner and was very concerned if someone was hurt. To continue, I got my G1 driver’s license the day I turned 16 years old because I like getting important things done as soon as possible. I am a very determined person that never quits and is always up for a challenge. For example, I like to finish my assignments beforehand because then I can complete each task with full attention rather than waiting for the last day and rushing it. Furthermore, I am also very athletic and active, I love playing sports especially hockey. I grow up playing and watching hockey and have grown to love the game more and more. I believe that I got most of my physical traits from my parents through genetics. I am 5’ 9” and my father is 5’ 9” and my mother is 5’ 5”. Aside from the height, I get my skin tone from my mother. People always say that I look like my mother. I am very light skin toned like my mother compared to my dad who is darker. This is a little about me so you can briefly understand the person I am today.

My life line

My Favourite Things

My leadership Style

I am a leader as a consultant. You may ask what/who is a consultant ad what they do. Well, a consultant is someone that participates with the team throughout and helps them. He helps make decisions as a team and relies on everyone’s strengths in a group to finish the task. We usually see consultant leaders in sports teams and captains or small business groups. A sports team captain is a perfect example for me because I am the captain of the Louise Arbour ball hockey team. I play with the team and encourage the team to give it their very best, but I also rely on our star players to score goals and win us games.

My Influences

One of my influences have been my teachers but my grade 7 teacher Mrs. Chrusz had a dramatic influence on my life because she pushed me to work hard. Even though Mrs. Chrusz’s way of teaching was different from those of other teachers. She helped me to learn, helping students to learn is all Mrs. Chrusz wanted to do. She also prepared me for tests that I will take in the near future. Mrs. Chrusz was the type of teacher who would go to great lengths to make sure that all of her students graduate and made sure that every student was okay and had all the supplies. This has showed me that caring about others and seeing them smile is better than money and anything else in life. Some other influences in my life have been my close friends. They love playing and watching sports games and this has shaped me to watch sports that I haven’t watched before, which is great because we become closer friends.

My role model

A role model is someone who I look up to. My role model inspires me to be me, he is very motivational and is hardworking but most importantly someone who I want to be like. My role model is my father. My dad is someone who is not only a provider and a protector but also someone who nurturing, loving, caring, and smart. My father has protected and provided for me. My father has taken on not only the traditional protector and provider role but also the important nurturing role. I feel that him being a nurturing father has helped me grow into a nurturing and caring, confident individual and has allowed us to build a strong close father-son relationship. My father is truly my role model. He has given the family it needs. He sees himself as an example for us kids to follow as every role model should. He is never angry without a good reason and is always cheerful, kind, helpful and I hope that I will grow up to be like him, too.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

My Blueprint-Learning Styles: Visual-Auditory Learner

My Blueprint-Personality: ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

My Blueprint-Interests: The Tactician (CE)

My Blueprint-Knowledge: Social Science

My Blueprint-Motivations: Achievement

My Blueprint-Compatibility: Insurance Underwriter: 73%

Top 3 Occupations Matches: Insurance Underwriter, Accountant (CPA), Insurance Sales Agent

True Colours hand out: Orange and Green

Right Brain or Left Brain-similar minds test: 52% right side/ 48% left side

Holland Code Career Test: You're a Persuader

My Relection

The test that was most accurate and also that helped me determine what I want to do with my life was the My Blueprint-Knowledge Survey Test. This was the most accurate test because the survey told me what subject area I most fit. My top Subject area was Social Science. Social Science courses help you have a better understanding of the society you live in and aspects of other societies around the world. Topics may include: History, Geography, Law and Politics. Growing up, I knew I always wanted to do something that involved Social Science. For example, one area of social science is sociology. One thing that a sociologist might study is the impact of various governmental programs. If a sociologist studies a welfare program, for example, and finds that it does not help its citizens have a better life, that is an important issue. When social scientists discover things like that, it can help governments better understand what sorts of policy choices to make and that would be something I would really enjoy doing in the future.

The test which was least helpful to me to determine what type I job I want to do with my life was the My Blueprint-Compatibility Survey test. This test was not helpful for me because the questions they asked were very specific about that job. I did not have a lot of knowledge or experience for the job to answer questions. The questions were very confusing and it caused me to guess for my answers.

I have many strengths that help me be with everyday situations now and in the future. One of my greatest strengths that I have my ability to be a well-organized person. I like to write what I have to do down on an organizer or agenda on what is more important to least important. By doing this, it helps me be organize, accomplish my work and meet deadlines and do not have to rush my work at the last minute. Another strength that I have is patience. I live in a big family so it gets annoying when everyone needs something from me right away. I am very good at staying calm and not overreacting it situations that may have lots a pressure on someone. On my Hockey team, my personal strength is having good people skills. I meet and get involved with teammates and build chemistry. Everyday whether it be work or school related, I enjoy speaking, listening and giving input to my team members so that they are aware that they can count on me to participate as a team player on our school Hockey team. Good people skills are very important, especially when you have to build relationships with teammates in order to succeed. The last strength I believe to have that is one of my strongest is that I am trustworthy. When my friends or family members have a problem or situation they want to talk about they usually come to me because I am a very trustworthy person that listens and helps them surpass the situation. I never tell their problems to anyone or ever bring it up because I believe that if I had a problem and I needed someone to talk too, I wouldn’t want them telling someone that has no business knowing. They key to friendships is trust. Lastly, when I was little, I was a messy kid who never did his homework. I was very surprised that I now I am an organized person who finishes his assignments beforehand.

Just because I am well-organized, patient, having people skills and trustworthy doesn’t mean I don’t have weaknesses. My biggest weakness is time management. Although I do my work correctly and hand it on time, I waste a lot of time procrastinating. Procrastinating is when you avoid doing a task which needs to be accomplished. I tend to spend a lot of time on my computer, listening to music or watching TV. This causes me to lose lots of time and not do my school work. It is hard for me to focus on something because even the little things catch my attention and cause me to waste time. As the older I get, the more I learn to solve this issue. Another weakness I have is in school. Sometimes I talk too much in class, and group discussions. It is very rude to talk when others are talking, especially when teachers are talking. Many students and teachers are annoyed by this and even worse, I cause others and teachers and to lose respect for me. Most times I don’t notice that I am talking over others but when I do, I feel bad. I do try to talk less in class because I wouldn’t want someone to talk over me when I am trying to say something important. One weakness that I have that is weird and odd but I know many others have is the sight of blood. When someone gets a cut or is bleeding extremely, it cause me to feel very weird and upset my stomach. For this reason, I can never become a doctor and deal with blood on an everyday basis. The last weakness I believe to have is that I still have difficulty remembering the names of the people I meet. I introduce myself and shake their hand. When they tell me their own name, I often don't even hear what they're saying because I'm too busy sizing them up or thinking about my next comment. This is a big problem especially on a team where I should know everyone’s name because this helps build better relationships and chemistry. Something that I learned about myself is that these weaknesses have pushed me to try and overcome them to make them strengths.