November Happenings

November 9-13

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Ramsey Brook Samples- by Gage

This week in Science, we went outside and took samples from the Ramsey Brook. When I was looking in the Ramsey Brook I saw crayfish, and other small organisms. Because of this, we found out that the brook is somewhat healthy. It was fun for me, because we tested the water’s temperature, and we scooped up the small organisms out of the water with a cup. Then, we poured them on a square dish, and counted them. We counted them, because we wanted to know how many invertebrates there are in our brook.

Also this week, we calculated the percentage of impervious land to pervious land. Impervious means that water can’t go through it. Pervious means that water can easily go through it. For example, concrete is impervious, and soil or grass is pervious. We found out that the land around Brookside School was 46%, impervious. This means that the quality of our water in Ramsey Brook is somewhat degraded. We will continue to study our data and take more samples.
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Review of Goosebumps Movie- Christian

About a week ago, I saw the Goosebumps movie. I thought it was good. The cast includes, Jack Black as R. L. Stine, Odeya Rush as Hannah, Dylan Minnette as Zach, and Ryan Lee as Champ. The movie is about the award winning books Goosebumps and how the Goosebumps books are unlocked and the monster run wild. I recommend this movie for whoever wants to be scared but also wants a laugh.

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The Peanuts Movie Review- Michael

Last weekend I went to The Peanuts Movie . I give this movie 5 stars. The movie is about a new girl (the little redhead ) who moves into Charlie Brown’s town and Charlie Brown is trying to build up the courage to meet her. Charlie Brown thinks that if he shows her he is a winner, this will impress her and she will be his friend. Snoopy being the good friend that he is, helps his friend to become a winner. Find out if Charlie Brown meets the new girl.

The Peanuts Movie Review by Ben

On Friday, November 6, 2015 Jack and I went to see the Peanut’s Movie at Paramus Movie Theater. I thought the movie was very funny. A funny part of the movie was when Snoopy went to school and I said, “Dogs don’t go school.” The movie started at 10:30 in the morning. The movie is about Charlie Brown becoming a winner. I recommend this movie because it is a great movie for kids.

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Book Clubs and Partnerships-by John

This week in language arts we are starting to make partnerships for reading. The book I am reading is a book called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. He is a three time Newbery Honor author. The book is about a young boy who is on his way to see his dad, but all of a sudden the plane crashes. The young boy, Brian Robeson, is confused as to where he is and he does not know what he is doing in this strange place. I think that Brain will try to find his way out of this mess and find his dad. I think Brian is going to find his dad. I think Brian is a strong and confident character.

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Book Clubs and Partnerships-By ZiRui

This week we started our partnerships or book groups. Each of us picks a book and read with a partner. I’m reading a book call The Watsons Go To Birmingham. This is a book about a family going to Birmingham, Alabama. It’s set during 1963, one of the darkest moments in America’s history. This is during the civil rights movement. I think this will be a sad and interesting book.
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Medieval Times-by Jack

This week in History we started studying about Medieval Europe. We learned about an early political system called feudalism. The king is on top and owns all the land. He divides it up and gives it to the lords who he like. Each lord has to provide knights to the king. The knights protect all the people in the kingdom. The land is worked by people called serfs. Serfs are bound to the land. This means they can never leave.

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Deeper Understanding of Fractions by Hailey and Monserrat

This week we worked with many hands on tools so we could get a deeper understanding of fractions. We used fractions tiles and fraction circles to compare the values of fractions using the many strategies we have reviewed. We also used a fraction balance and the new Frac Track tool to compare and estimate the values of fractions. We also used the QR code reader to check our answers to fractions on the number line. We are really getting a deep understanding by using these tools and applying them to our work in IXL and with word problems.