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November 10, 2015

Greetings Parents!

I’m so glad the sun has finally come out! And it’s just in time for our Veteran’s Day Event. This week we had several BIG BOARD Events. Monday was our annual Green and Gold game to kick off the Basketball season. It was great to see our Bay Creek Rams out there playing with staff, former students, and basketball parents. I have to say the teams look great! The Cheerleaders have also been hard at work and they look amazing. I can’t wait for our first game next week.

Today students wore red, white and blue to honor veterans and tonight students are encouraged to attend our Veteran’s Day Event to earn BIG BOARD points for their grade level.

Here are the current totals for the BIG BOARD:

8th – 20

7th – 45

6th – 40

7th grade is still in the lead, but 6th grade is gaining ground. This Friday we will pull totals and the grade with the highest point total will be rewarded with a free ice cream treat during lunch!

Veterans Recognition Ceremony – Tonight!

The staff and student council have been working tirelessly to plan the Veterans Recognition Ceremony for November 10th at 6:3 pm. Students have been working on creating displays in their language arts and social studies classes to recognize and honor veterans. We have arranged for a food truck, The Pickle , to sell dinner items. Click on the link to see the menu and prices. The schedule of events is below. We hope you can attend as this is going to be a signature event for the Bay Creek and Grayson community. We are asking all attendees to wear red, white, and blue to show your support for our veterans.

6:30 pm – Food Truck Opens (parked on the grassy area near the car-rider entrance)

7:00 pm – Gallery Walk featuring oral histories from Veterans and student work displays

7:30 pm – Recognition Ceremony – Cafeteria

8:00 pm – Veteran Honor Walk

General Reminders and Updates for all Students

Cafeteria Charges: A reminder for parents that the charge limit for students is $10. If your child’s account is more than $10 in the negative he or she will be provided with an alternative lunch until the account is brought to good standing.

Bay Creek Communication Tools

If you are looking for ways to locate updates and upcoming events at Bay Creek, there are several different ways we will communicate with parents listed below. As the district has moved to the eCLASS platform, teachers no longer have individual webpages. As parent access is not yet available, we encourage parents to log into their child’s eCLASS page and review homework and upcoming classroom assignments.

a. The Bay Creek Web Page:

b. Like our Facebook page:

c. Download the Connect 2 Grayson App for your iPhone or Android device.

d. Sign up to receive reminders and emergency information through (Directions for can be found on the Bay Creek Web Page.)

e. View current grades and other specific individual student data through the Parent Portal. (Parent portal accounts can be obtained by completing the account form at the reception desk. Picture I.D. is required.)

Grade Level Specific Information

6th Grade

Our 6th graders all attended the JA Biztown trip either last week or yesterday. I was able to attend last week with one of the teams. And I’m so excited about the amazing learning that our students were able to experience. Each student was assigned a job and then went through the whole day and was able to actually do the job they were assigned. Students also had a hands on experience in seeing a pay check, writing a business loan, writing a personal check, making a deposit, and using a debit card to shop.

We also wanted to thank all the parents who volunteered their time to help coach our students at the JA Biztown Center. The experience would not have been so successful without your help.

7th Grade

GREAT NEWS regarding the 7th grade field trip. Rock Eagle is back on! Thanks to one of our supportive 7th grade parents who showed great dedication to ensuring this class of 7th graders would also have the incredible learning experience of the overnight field trip. The dates are still the same for the trip, March 23-25. Your child will receive a letter as well with details about the trip. We are turning Meal Pay Plus back on to receive payments for Rock Eagle.


  • FBLA attended the FBLA Fall Leadership Conference last week in Athens GA. Members observed an inspirational speaker who gave them some excellent ideas of ways to never quit on your challenges and to focus on the special gift that they have inside of them to share with the world. In addition, our chapter was received a membership achievement award and was acknowledge for increasing our membership from the previous year. We also had a group of members that participated in the battles of monopoly against other schools. They worked as a team and won their division. Last but not least, members had fun attending two sessions of leadership workshops.

  • Orchestra
    Congratulations to the following Orchestra students who earned excellent and superior ratings at Saturday's GMEA District 13 Solo & Ensemble Evaluation.

    Ashlee Freeman, Sergio Garcia Villegas, Haiden Hall, Zach Helms, Nadia Howard, Giana Jeanty, Zaurina Kent, Sarah Knight, Marie Listenbee (in 2 different groups!), Kamini Mangray, Carla Pollen, Sadiq Robertson, Anna Grace Ross, Matthew Taylor, Haley Thomson, Jamilah Watson, Annalise Woods

    Kimaya Chin, Ariel Francois, Chase Lerew, Deviss Pasca, Maria Rossy-Roig, Yoanna Turura, Naomi Yonas

  • Chorus
    Good luck to our 19 chorus students who are auditioning for All-State chorus this weekend!

  • Band
    The 6th grade band concert for tonight, 11/10/15, has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.


  • All call for parents who need technology help with the following items:
    Accessing the parent portal, navigating eClass, landing page, and website.
    Needing information on how to signup for our eNewsletter or mobile app, then please come to our first Parent Tech Night on November 17 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Only 30 seats available, please click here to sign up today!
  • Reminder for our BCMS Tech Club members meeting Wednesday, November 11 after school in the Media Center from 4:15 pm to 5: 15 pm.

Raising ethical and respectful children can be a daunting task, especially during the pre-teen and teen years. The key is finding the right balance. Too much parental control can lead your child to rebel and make poor choices just to get some freedom. But an overabundance of freedom leaves your child feeling overwhelmed and gives him or her the idea that you don’t really care what he or she does or what kind of person he or she becomes. Consider these suggestions from the Connect With Kids--Civil Wars Parent Tip Sheet for teaching your child to be civil in any situation:

  • Explain the golden rule. Don’t simply have your child memorize the familiar “do unto others . . .” mantra. Stress, instead, the importance of treating others in the same way that he or she would like to be treated.
  • Respect your child and require respect in return. Treating your child with respect means being fair with him or her, relating at his or her level and making some allowances for the immaturity of his or her developmental stage. Since morality is a two-way street, you can require respect in return from your child.
  • Encourage empathy. Help your child understand the harm he or she can cause by doing or saying thoughtless and unkind things.
  • Be a model for good manners. “Do as I say, not as I do” never works. If you want your child to show good manners and respect, you have to exhibit appropriate behavior – admitting your mistakes, apologizing, and treating both friends and strangers with kindness and respect.
  • Help your child develop a positive self-concept. Parental love helps a child take in parental values and rules. Parents who spend quality and quantity time with their children as well as love them abundantly have children who have higher levels of moral development.


The Limo Ride is scheduled for this Friday, November 13th. Students attending the field trip will receive a permission slip Wednesday. Permission slips need to be returned to their homeroom teacher on Thursday.

Go Rams!

Bay Creek Middle School

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